Bachelor of Arts


The BA program requires 120 credits. These are obtained by completing a required set of study modules.

1. TESOL/TEFL Certificate

Complete the Canadian Institute of English intensive residence course in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and earn your TESOL or TEFL course certificate. For more information please visit Canadian Institute of English.

2. Comprehensive Video Learning Modules

The purpose of the video learning modules is to give you a good grounding in the fields of education, psychology (as applied to learning), linguistics and neuroscience. Having a broad knowledge base in these four fields is crucial to being an effective and successful language teacher.

There are 13 modules in total, each module containing between nine and twelve 30 minute video lectures. Each of the modules feature a selection of video lectures presented by professors from leading US and Canadaian universities such as Princeton University, The Manhattan Institute, University of Toronto and Emory University.

The modules must be completed according to the predetermined order as initial modules will give you the foundation knowledge necessary for later modules.

You can access the videos by logging into our online learning center, where you can watch each video as many times as you like. When you feel you have grasped the content of a lecture, you can then proceed to the multiple-choice question test. Your tests results for each video will count towards your final grade.

The 13 video learning modules are:

  • The Art of Teaching Course 1 (Education)
  • The Art of Teaching Course 2 (Education)
  • How We Learn Course 1 (Psychology)
  • How We Learn Course 2 (Psychology)
  • Understanding Linguistics Course 1 (Linguistics)
  • Understanding Linguistics Course 2 (Linguistics)
  • Memory and the Human Lifespan Course 1 (Psychology)
  • Memory and the Human Lifespan Course 2 (Psychology)
  • An Introduction to Neuroscience and the Human Brain (Neuroscience)
  • Neuroscience 1: Brain Systems (Neuroscience)
  • Neuroscience 2: Applied Neuroscience (Neuroscience)
  • History of English Language Usage—Course 1 (Linguistics)
  • History of English Language Usage—Course 2 (Linguistics)
3. Write a Synopsis on TESOL Methodology

This module requires you to select and research ten of the language teaching methods featured on the Canadian Institute of English TESOL course, and then write an in-depth synopsis for each method. The methods you research and the angle from which you write your synopsis are for you to decide. For example, some students chose to focus on how to implement these methods in specific classroom settings, while others chose to focus on the neuroscience behind each method.

4. Learn a Second Language

This module requires you to learn a second language of your choice to foundation level. Learning another language will enable you to grasp the daunting task that faces the students you endeavor to teach. If you have already learnt a second language to foundation level, then you have already met the requirements for this module.

You will need to indicate the language(s) you speak in your CV (Curriculum Vitae).

Those who have not yet learnt a second language to foundation level may choose to use the highly effective Pimsleur Language Program as the basis for their studies. This program is available in most mainstream world languages and uses a scientifically proven, highly effective method. For information on Pimsleur Language Courses and Dr. Paul Pimsleur, a brilliant linguist and renowned language educator who devoted his life to making language learning easier, we invite you to visit the following site: The Pimsleur Method

5. Teaching Practicum

A minimum of 2000 hours teaching experience is required to complete this module. Teaching experience can be obtained in a school, institute, university or educational organization, and may include hours of volunteer and paid teaching. You may acquire or complete the compulsory hours of teaching experience AFTER submitting your application.

You will need to indicate when and where you gained your 2000 hours of teaching experience on your CV, and will need to provide written proof from the institute(s) or organization(s) that you worked for in order to meet the requirements for this module.

Tutoring & Guidance

CIEAN will assign you a personal tutor upon registration. He/she will give you personalized attention during the entire course. Please maintain regular contact with your tutor and keep him/her up-to-date on your progress. This will help your tutor know in which areas you need assistance.


Please provide us with the following documents. Most of these can be scanned digitally and uploaded to our online learning center, but we do require hard, notarized copies of some of the documents listed below. These can be mailed to the CIEAN mailing address in Canada.

Upload Digital Copy to Learning Center
  1. Proof of teaching practice hours
  2. CIE TESOL certificate
  3. ID (personal identification), such as Social Security / Insurance Card or Passport
  4. Resume / Curriculum Vitae which indicates which language(s) you speak
Mail to CIEAN
  1. USAT application form and 3 passport size pictures
  2. Notarized High school diploma, report card, test results or letter from your school certifying that you completed High School or basic secondary education (hard copy required). Do not send any original documents.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to graduate until you have provided all of the documents listed above. We recommend that you upload these documents to the learning center before you have completed the study modules. This will allow us to process them while you are completing the study modules, and will mean you can graduate and receive your degree sooner.

Completion & Graduation


If you complete the above syllabus with a grade point average GPA of 3.5+ you may graduate with honors, CUM LAUDE. Each case is reviewed individually.

Major and Minor

Your degree major will be in Education and your minor will be in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Processing Time

Once you have completed the study modules and submitted all necessary documentation please allow two to three months for the processing, printing, signing and mailing of your degree. We can have your degree mailed to anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer: This diploma is not to be considered a 'teaching license' to work in the public schooling systems of North America, Europe and Asia. USAT does not guarantee the granting of work visas or other documents in countries where graduates may decide to work. If you plan to work or continue your education in the public schooling system of North America, Europe or Asia, we recommend that you verify the requirements of the country or school where you plan to teach.

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